Why UV?

Sun Burn, Skin Aging,
and even Skin Cancer.

The UV Index is a measurement of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

The UV Index shows how intense the sun's rays are at a given time.

Too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage.

This can result in sun burns, as well as premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.

UV over-exposure is also the primary cause of the skin cancer Melanoma.

How does SunDial help?

SunDial delivers UV index forecasts right to your phone or Apple Watch.

See a summary of the day's UV, or see UV levels by the hour.

Instant access to the UV index takes the guess work out of knowing when you need sun protection.

SunDial Features

Hourly Forecast
Daily UV Summary

Apple Watch App, Glance, & Complication

Notification Center Widget

Okay so I know the UV,
what can I do to stay sun safe?

Apply sunscreen.

Wear protective clothing like long-sleeves and wide-brimmed hats.

Avoid direct sun-exposure during times of peak UV.

Learn more about the UV Index at epa.gov >


SunDial update 2.2.1 released!

Fixed bug that sometimes caused current location to never finish loading.

SunDial update 2.2 released!

New WatchOS2 Native App.
New Watch face UV Complication.
You can now see the UV right on the watch face!
Fun new loading animation in the iPad and iPhone app.
Made location and network code more efficient.

SunDial update 2.1 released!

Updated to be compatible with iOS 9.
iPhone app now displays both the UV summary and hourly UV timeline at the same time!
You can now swipe to see up to 10 hours of UV forecast!
iPad app layout has been optimized to take advantage of the large screen space!
You can now see the UV summary and 10 hours of hourly forecast all at once!

SunDial update 2.0.3 released!

Added support for UV levels higher than 11.
Fixed incorrect color for UV level 10 on Apple Watch hourly graph.

SunDial reaches top 20 on the App Store!

Very exciting! SunDial: UV Index has climbed to #16 of top paid weather apps on the App Store!

Thank you so much for all the love and support!


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